Official forms

It is recommended to use only the Finnish forms for these rides or any other Ironbutt-rides you are going to ride in Finland.

For inspection of rides please use only Finnish formulas below. Before ride you need two wittness for ride. After ride you need again two wittness. After all copy your gasreceipts, use original formulas below and send everything to Finland. Our address is:

IBA Finland ry

PL 73

32201 Loimaa


We need also receipt of payment with other papers, before inspection goes further. Our bankacccount is named Iron butt association Finland ry. Account number is  FI31 4006 1020 1161 86 and because you pay outside of Finland please add BIC ITELFIHH

Because of quite complicated spelling of the names of towns and villages in Finland it is easier for finns to understand your route & documents.

You can pre-fill most of the forms before printing. The forms below are PDF-type files. You may have to download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader from

Witness form (start and end)
Registering form (Rider)
Registering form (Passenger)
Ride logbook

The last form update was done on March 2013, do not use older forms!