In 1997 Mikko Sani, a Finnish rider, happened to found the web-pages of Iron Butt Association. He got in touch with the President Michael Kneebone to ask if he could do an IBA-ride in Finland. When he heard that it is possible to do these rides all over the world, he decided to try his first SS1000, which went smoothly.

After that it took a few years to get the idea of documented long distance rides well-known in Finland. But when the idea got thru Finns went for rides in great numbers. Iron Butt Association of Finland (IBAF) was founded in 2000 by five experienced riders, Mikko Sani, Paavo Makinen, Pepe Rantanen, Lauri Lansikallio and Torsti Salonen.

IBA Finland is authorized to verify IBA-rides and so far (Feb '11) we have certified a total of 4448 rides and we have about 1200 premium memembers.