Club activities & Rider statics

We have quite a short riding season here in Finland because of the weather conditions. However the summertime is few months longer in southern parts of Finland than in the north. That gives a big benefit for the riders living in southern Finland.

Once a month (from May to October) we have a meeting for all IBAF members somewhere in Finland. We switch meeting places and try to find such where we can enjoy the beautiful landscape of our country and also ride some nice curvy roads. They say Finland is "the land of thousand lakes" and that's why many of our meeting places are on a lakeshore. These are short "evening coffee" happenings, the object is to enjoy riding and meet other riders in a attractive place.

In the autumn we usually arrange a IBAF-meeting of one weekend. We used to have the meeting many times in Jamsankoski, in central Finland. There is one old and empty school building where we had accommodation and sauna, of course. It was a really suitable place for this kind of gatherings and we've spent many unforgetable moments there.
Several years we have had our annual IBAF-meetings in Vehmaa, in southwestern Finland. A bit other kind of place, old school as well but on seashore. Many unforgetable moments there as well. The lates resort for IBAF-meeting is in Hattula southern Finland. The Petäys resort hotel provides an excellent condition for event.

Every summer IBAF arranges many one day rides for the members. One is a ride around lake Saimaa, the biggest lake in Finland. Good company and hundreds of kilometers of very nice little country roads. Another ride is the Ox Road of Hame going from Turku to Hameenlinna. That road was the most significant road in early Finnish history. For year we have started our driving season by the Gold-rush run. Starting from Stocholm, Sweden heading to Germany and back going for Gold rides.

One very important activity is the verification of ironbutt-rides of finnish riders. Our verification team of +20 persons works hard to verificate more than 700 rides every year, within season of couple months.

The rider statics can be found from the report page.